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You Can Control Your Environment

by Angela On February 4, 2009

You can’t control the economy but you can control your environment.   

With Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of Winter that means we will likely be inside a little longer before the beautiful days of Spring return.  Whether people are staying home more because of the weather or the economy I have noticed some organizing trends in what people want from their homes.  The last few weeks I have been talking to people who are interested in getting their homes in order and their reasons are: “I want my home to be my sanctuary”, “I want to have a nice place I can hang out with my kids”, or “I’m tired of looking at the mess everyday”.   

My theory is that with people spending more time at home they are recognizing that their homes are not necessarily the castle or the sanctuary they envisioned.  In uncertain and unpredictable economic times our homes are the one thing we can control.  If your home or your place of safety is out of order and not supporting you during these uncertain times you may feel like there is chaos everywhere.  Again, our environments are one area of our lives that we can control.  So what can you do to gain control in your space?  Does it mean you need to declutter and reduce?  Maybe it means you need to add a little bit of color to reflect a new path in your life.  Or perhaps it is simply getting everything put away where it belongs.  Can you commit to organizing one space in your home this month?  How would that effect you?  How would it effect your friends and family?   

I would love to hear about your progress.  If you need more inspiration on what’s hot and what’s not in 2009 see my next post, Organizing Trends for 2009. 

A space you feel at home in, now that’s the good life! 



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