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Organizing Trends for 2009

by Angela On February 4, 2009

Orange BoxIn 2009 new trends are emerging.  We have left the days of over-indulgence, abundance, and “no time” and moved to the days of family first, home, and finding joy in the simple things in life.  If you are looking to make some changes in your space this year here is a list of trends for 2009.  Many of these trends can be applied for no or very little money.    

  1. Make your home casual comfort.  People are spending more time at home so they want their home to be their retreat.  I am hearing this a lot from the calls I am getting from clients.  They are talking less about “I don’t have time” like they were last year and more about the importance of making their home a sanctuary.  People want their homes to feel casual, comfy and to be something that supports them.  You may not be able to control the economy, but you can control your environment. 
  2. Clear the clutter.  Bare surfaces are in and clutter is out.  Again, we have been in an age of abundance and now we are putting more attention on family and home rather than possessions.  So letting go of the things that don’t have meaning to us is the best way to accomplish this.  The use of armoires or using decorative boxes and containers more on bookcases to conceal things can visually reduce eye clutter.  It’s all about a sense of control.
  3. Spruce up your space with a fresh coat of paint.  Paint is a quick, dramatic, and inexpensive way to instantly change the feel of a room.  Purple was the trend color of 2008 and it will be replaced by Coral and Orange in 2009.  You will also see gray replacing tan as the new neutral.  You’ll see these colors in accessories and décor pieces at Pottery Barn and The Container Store.
  4. Platinum and dark silver are coming back as well as copper however, the oil rubbed bronze is out.
  5. The green movement is here to stay.  This can include the use of organic cleaners, vintage furniture, natural-fiber upholstery, and low- or no-VOC paints.

 Remember you can not control the economy but you can control your environment at home.  So invest in your own personal happiness by taking the time to get just one space in your home organized this month.  Incorporate some small inexpensive touches to make your project something that beautifully supports you.   

Enjoy your beautiful new space,


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