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Clean Out Your Computer Day

by Angela On February 10, 2009

LaptopSo Clean Our Your Computer Day was officially Monday, but who’s counting?  I would like to declare it Clean Out Your Computer Week!   

This is a great time to purge old files that are no longer relevant, clean out your e-mail inbox, or to clean out your contact list.   

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as I am going through my contacts I run across a name and I have no idea who that person is. I also run across names that are a blast from the past.  These are people that I knew 10 years ago when I was in another job and who may have been great contacts at the time, but are really not relevant to my life today.  Both of these are examples of contacts you can delete.  Here are three sure fire reasons to hit the delete button on a contact:  1. The contact information is so old you don’t remember the person.  2. The contact information is so old you know it is not accurate and you have no way of contacting the person.  3. The contact is no longer relevant in your current life.   

As the old saying goes:  when we clear out the old we make space for the new.  This could be the new person or contact that you have been waiting for.  You never know.   

Take some time this week to purge some old e-mails, contacts, or computer files.  Remember, this doesn’t have to take all day, just try 10 minutes a day or 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon.  You will feel much better with less computer clutter.   

Enjoy the good life, 


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