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Archive Your Files Month

by Angela On February 11, 2009

Freedom FilerFebruary is officially Archive Your Files Month.  How funny is that?!  I actually think this is a little premature.  With the majority of my clients I use a filing system called the FreedomFiler.  This filing tool is unlike anything else available, trust me I have looked.  With the FreedomFiler you file things based on the length of time you need to keep them.  What an amazing concept!  The FreedomFiler also reminds you when it is time to purge paper and in many case you are easily and effortlessly tossing paper each month.  I love this because it keeps your filing cabinet from getting stuffed with old out of date information and it prevents you from having to do an annual purge of your files or from having to archive many files at all.  

In fact, with the FreedomFiler the only files you are archiving are your old tax files.  These files are also saved based on the length of time you need to keep them.  So each year after you file your taxes you will then add your completed tax records to your archived files and you will also be removing old records and purging them.  Again, this is great because it keeps you purging items each year.  This promotes archiving your files after your taxes have been completed. 

If you don’t have a FreedomFiler, I highly encourage you to get one, but I would advise you to be very selective on the files you are archiving.  Why are you archiving the documents?  Do you really need them?  Will you ever reference them again?  Keep in mind that 80% of the papers we file are never referenced again.  My second piece of advice is to store the files you are archiving in a filing cabinet or in plastic file boxes.  If possible do not store your archive files in cardboard boxes.  The chances of you paper withstanding pests and water damage is higher if the paper is stored in plastic file boxes or in metal filing cabinets.   

In honor of Archive Your Files Month I am extending a special discount to anyone who purchases a FreedomFiler in the month of February.  This is the only time I have offered this discount! Call or e-mail me for my special coupon code if you would like to order your FreedomFiler online. 

Also, now through February 28th only, if you purchase a four hour FreedomFiler Session you will receive your FreedomFiler at no charge!  You will also receive a special bonus, the POSH Space Favorite Products Guide.   Savings and bonuses worth $67!   

A file cabinet that actually closes, now that’s the good life! 



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  1. […] I love the FreedomFiler filing system, see my previous post Give Your Files a Little Love  and Archive Your Files Month.  It is a unique system that helps you file paper in your home based on how long you need to keep […]

  2. i actually use polycarbonate based file cabinets because they are much ligther than steel cabinets ~

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