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What’s the Value of a Cheap Pen?

by Angela On January 28, 2009

PensYou know you have them…those free pens that you pick up at a conference or some other event.  Free advertising for Mark’s Pet Spa.  This is one of the top items I go through with my clients.  Many households can fill up a few gallon sized zip top storage bags full of “free” pens and highlighters.  This often means that we have to spend at least an hour or more sorting, testing, and then deciding which pens can stay and which ones can go.  Now…is that $0.19 pen that you got for “free” really worth your time?  Absolutely NOT!!!   

I have found that there are many things people collect with out even realizing it, most of which are of very little value.  The key to controlling this is first recognizing the problem and then asking yourself; “What’s the value of this stuff in my life and in my space”?  Be honest.  Why do I need all these pens overflowing into drawers and onto the floor?  If you needed more you can simply go buy more or hit the next convention or hotel.  Just kidding.  I know what you’re thinking, “what does she have against pens?” and my reply is, absolutely nothing!  I love a good pen.  In fact I have about four of my very favorite Dr. Grip gel pens.  However, there is a difference in having what you use and need and having something takes over your life.  Clutter has this way of slowly infiltrating a space.  Even the tiniest of items can quickly add up to something that is out of control.   

Remember all things are good in moderation.  If you recognize that you have too many pens, notepads, or other do-dads then make sure you do two things.  First reduce them by 50-75% and second, be sure you don’t add any more to your collection.  

I’ll bet you will find your space is worth more than that “free” pen, note pad, or bag.  

Enjoy the good life! 


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