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Taking Down the Holidays

by Angela On January 2, 2009

Christmas StockingsHappy New Year!  With the mark of the New Year, it is officially time to pack your holiday decorations back up.  Some people find this to be a sad ritual as they love the extra glitz and glamour the holiday décor adds to their home.  For other people they are intimidated by the sheer amount of work it will be to pack everything back up and get it put away.  It’s true, by this point our energy levels are low.  We have been go, go, going since Thanksgiving.  We have been dealing with our children, our work, our homes, our husbands, our social life, shopping, cooking, decorating, wrapping and now the final piece is to put everything back away.  So what’s a blurry eyed post holiday warrior to do?  Here are a few tips to get your accoutrements nestled away in the most organized fashion: 

  1. Carefully label what’s inside each storage box so next year when it’s time to pack everything back up you save time because you know what goes in which boxes. 
  2. Pack away holiday toys, books, and DVD’s and only bring them out during the holidays.  This way the items seem new and fresh each year and your children will be excited to play with them.
  3. Use color coordinated boxes to store holiday items.  For example, use red boxes for Christmas and orange boxes for Halloween.  Using colorful boxes allows you to instantly identify what’s inside a box without having to read the label.
  4. Reduce-now.  If you did not use a holiday decoration this year and last year, then it’s time to donate the item.  Just think, it’s less you have to store!
  5. Choose your deadline.  What is the latest you want to have everything packed up?  Do you want to have inside packed up on one day and the outside packed up on another day?  Be honest with the amount of time it will take to get everything done and be sure to enlist help from other family members even if it involves making your children’s or husbands favorite meal or holiday treat. 

 With another weekend coming up, this would be the perfect time to get everything packed away before you have to get back into the swing of schedules, school, work, working out, and of course getting organized in the New Year. Enjoy the good life,


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