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Shipping Deadlines –Are Almost Here

by Angela On December 2, 2008

Mail Box  Isn’t it amazing that the holidays are already here?  Where did the time go?  The good news is that there are still 22 days left until Christmas, the bad news is that there are only 15 days left until what UPS predicts will be the busiest day to ship packages for the holiday season.  So, what’s an organized person to do?  Read my blog of course!   I have done the leg work for you and pulled together some resources to help you determine where, when, and how much it will cost to ship your packages.   

One of the best web-sites I found was from UPS.  One their site you can calculate your shipping time and cost by inserting your package origin, destination, weight, and shipping date.  You can also find store locations if you don’t know where the nearest UPS store is.  The UPS web-site also has some great shipping tips to make sure your packages arrives at the right location in one piece. 

 The U.S. Postal Service web-site also features a tool to help you calculate your postage.  They also have a holiday mailing calendar  and the international mailing deadlines.  Did you know that the deadline for mailing Military packages to Iraq and Afghanistan is December 4th

Obviously there is a lot to consider when mailing packages so take a look at some of these web-sites to determine what your deadline will be and what service you will use to mail your packages.  Personally, I will be setting a goal of December 15th to get my packages out.  What’s your goal? 

My packages arriving before Christmas rather than in the New Year, that’s the good life. 



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