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Non-Clutter Gifts

by Angela On December 11, 2008

Blue GiftThe holidays are in full gear and if you’re like most people you still have many items on your list to purchase.  As your Organizational Advisor I would like to suggest that you consider non-clutter gifts this holiday season.  “Great, so now I have one more thing I have to look for” you may be saying to yourself.  Don’t worry, there are many non-clutter gifts that are easier to shop for and some won’t cost you a penny!   Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Give Experience Gifts:  For adults this could be tickets to your favorite college football game (Go Horns), your favorite NBA basketball game (Go Spurs Go!), a round of golf, tickets to the theater or a concert, or a gift certificate to a Spa like Lake Austin Spa.  For children you could give an admission to an indoor playground, an admission to a theme park like Sea World, or a season pass to the Children’s Museum or Zoo.  If you have older children you could get them admission to a summer camp (you’re probably going to do it anyway, you might as well get credit for it as a gift).  Or you could give your family trip a to Disney World or another destination. 

2. Give Consumable or Usable Gifts:  The obvious consumable gifts are cookies, fudge, candy, wine, coffee, hot chocolate and other holiday treats.  Another option is to create a basket based on what the person you are shopping for likes.  For example for someone who loves to cook Italian food you could give them a collection of items like a bottle of wine, a bottle of fine olive oil, a jar of delicious pasta sauce, and gourmet pasta.   

Some ideas for usable gifts are items like: bubble bath (both for children and women), fine shower gels, and exquisite hand lotions.  Think of items that will be used and then the remaining product will be discarded.  Oh yes, and don’t forget flowers.  Personally, if my husband is reading this, I would love to get flowers once a week…okay once a month would be nice too.

3. Give the Gift of Time:  Ahhhh, one of my personal favorites.  Who doesn’t need more of this?  Give someone the luxury of time by giving them a night to watch their children, pay for a visit from a house cleaning services, Professional Organizing services ( I know a great one by the way), a meal delivery service, washing Mom’s car once a month, washing the dishes for a month, or a Mom’s Day Out.  The options are endless and don’t have to cost large sums of money. 

So take these ideas and run to your nearest computer to see if you can order some of these items on line and save yourself a little time by avoiding one more trip.   

A gift that won’t add clutter to the house, now that’s the good life! 



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