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Turn Clutter Into Cash

by Angela On November 6, 2008

Money  As a Professional Organizer I am always encouraging people to reduce their clutter, but with a slow economy and the holidays drawing near now is the perfect time to shed some clutter and make a little extra money.   Of course there are the tried and true ways to turn clutter into cash which include:  garage sales, E-bay, Craigslist, resale shops, and consignment shops.  These are great methods that can bring you a little extra money.  But here are a few ways that you may not have thought about before.  

  1. Jewelry (gold)- The value of gold is very high right now which means it is a great time to sell gold jewelry that you no longer wear.  Also, if you have broken jewelry either get it fixed so you can wear it or sell it.  Check your local newspapers for jewelry stores or brokers who are buying gold.  Not all stores will buy scrap gold but some stores will take a current piece and do a trade up or give you credit towards a new piece of jewelry.  If you decide to sell gold to anyone check the prices of more than one place before you sell.  There are also many online sites who will buy your gold but be careful when choosing to sell your gold to a company you are not familiar with.  I found some great tips about  selling jewelry from this article in  The Wall Street Journal.
  2. Cell Phones-It seems like everyone has old cell phones lying around but did you know that you can get between $5-$50 dollars for old cell phones?  Cells for Cash has been featured on the Today Show and allows you to look up your phone online to find out how much it is worth.  You then send in your phone and receive a check.  
  3. Gift Cards- If you have piles of gift cards you are not interested in using you are not stuck with a useless piece of plastic.  For $1.99 you can go to Swap a Gift and sell your old gift cards for 60-70% of its value or swap your gift card with someone else.  This is a great way to clear out some old gift cards that you know you will never use. 

  A little less clutter AND extra money for the holidays, now that’s the good life! 



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