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Storing Cameras-Behind the Door Organizing

by Angela On November 4, 2008

Camera Bags

If you love taking pictures like I do, then you probably want to have a camera close at hand.  If you have small children, like I do, or you simply want to win the next big jack pot on “America’s Funniest Home Video’s” then you may also want to keep a video camera near by.  So where do you store the camera so it is easy to get to but doesn’t add clutter to your counters?   

The back of the closet door of course!  Adding simple over the door hooks to the back of the door creates a quick and easy solution that requires minimal assembly.  Hooks can be purchased at The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond for about $2.99 for a package of two.  

Over the Door Hooks 

The key to using your camera and video camera is to have them readily available when you need them.  Storing the camera upstairs in a hall closet when all the action is taking place downstairs in the family room isn’t going to help you capture that special moment.  If you like to take the camera with you to the park or other activities you should keep the camera near the door or near other things you grab as you are heading out the door.   

Again, I have found that many people are not utilizing the back of the doors for additional storage space.  This can instantly give you storage space all over the house that is easily accessible.    

Finding the camera when you need it…now that’s the good life!  



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