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Organizing For Student Success

by Angela On November 10, 2008

School Bus  Is Your Student Organized For Success?
Did you know that many children will receive their first school issued planner by the third or fourth grade?  Personally, I was shocked when I heard about this.  The demands on students today are far greater than they were when we were students. 
Just because your student is receiving a planner does not mean they are being taught how to be more organized. Organization can be the key to helping your student make better grades, turn in papers and projects on time, and gain self-confidence.  It is a skill that will serve them their entire life. 
Don’t miss this chance to help set your student up for success this school year. Parents will leave this three hour workshop knowing:
-The two biggest pitfalls for students and what to do about them
-Practical techniques to help students organize their study space, school work, paper, time, and schedule
-Their child’s organizing style
-Ready to use tips to help mom with the increased school papers, permission slips, and schedules
-The four questions you need to ask your child each day before they start their homework 
**Bonus-tips for communicating with your students teacher!

When: Thursday, November 13th  9:00 am to noon

Where:  Business Suites Arboretum 
9442 Capital of Texas Hwy., Plaza One, Suite 500 (In the Independence Title Offices) Map Austin, TX 78759 

Investment: $50.00  This is a small investment compared to the amount of TIME spent on those tearful nights, trying to complete projects FOR your child due to a lack of organization and poor time management.  

Do not delay registration closes at noon on Wednesday, November 12, 2008. 

Call 512-252-2866 to register.  All major credit cards accepted. 

Seating is limited so please call us at 512-252-2866 or e-mail us at to register.

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