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Where to Vote

by Angela On October 29, 2008

Vote   It’s early voting time and one of the best ways you can save yourself some time is by voting early.  I voted last Wednesday and waited in line for about seven minutes.  That definitely beats an hour or more in line on November 4th!  I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do with an hour than spend it in line. 

So how do you know where to vote?  One neat tool that I found is from our friends at Google.  You can go to Google and enter your address and zip code to find out your polling location.   You can then click on the “Absentee ballot and early voting information” link which will take you to the Secretary of State’s web-site for your state.  If you are in Texas, like me, you will click on the “Early Voting” link at the top of the page then click on “Find My Polling Place” link.  You will need to enter in your name, birthday, and zip code and then it will give you a PDF list of polling locations in your county.   

If you are going to wait for Election Day on November 4th and you need to know where you can vote go to  This new service by google allows you to enter your address and zip code and it will automatically pull up your voting location and a map of how to get there.  How easy is that?!   

Don’t delay early voting ends October 31st!  Being organized is about finding the best ways to use your time so you have more time for the good things in life.  So get out there and vote early. 

Enjoy the good life! 


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