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Organizing Spices-Behind the Door

by Angela On October 17, 2008

One of my favorite things to do is help people find more space when they thought they were using every inch possible.  Time and time again, I find that people are not using the back of their pantry door.  This is such a great hidden treasure that should be used!  Because this area is typically very narrow this is a great place to install a spice rack.  You can purchase spice racks that need to be installed with hardware or racks that have over the door and under the door hooks to mount the rack.  You can find racks that have stationary shelves like the one pictured here or racks with adjustable shelves.  The Container Store offers the best variety I have seen and has a system that offers adjustable shelves that are available in a variety of depths.    

Spice Rack    

When you are organizing your spices you can organize them by category, alphabetically, or both!  I like to organize spices by category first, for example I would group the sweet (baking) spices together and the savory spices together.  Then in the shelf or pantry I alphabetize them from left to right.  Remember to think about how your mind works and what works best for you.  If breaking the spices up into categories seems overwhelming or confusing then keep it simple and stick with alphabetical order.   Spice Rack 2Spice Rack 2

 Spice Rack 2

Some of the categories you can see in the photo are baking spices, savory spices, oils and vinegars, drink mixes, and spice mixes.  To keep the communication lines open we labeled the category on the left hand side of the spice rack.  Labeling is important so everyone including guests and husbands know where things go.   

Your husband actually putting the spices back where they belong, now that’s the good life!



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