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Organizing Kids Jackets

by Angela On October 10, 2008

Coat Closet 

This is the second post in my ongoing series called Back of the Door Organizing, or doorganizingTM as I like to call it.  This series focuses on different ways you can use the back of the door to get organized.  

It’s Fall and that means it’s time for sweaters and jackets.  If you have small children you may have experienced the same frustration I did last year.  Last year my daughter would take off her jacket or sweater and toss it on the sofa.  The problem was that my three year old daughter was too short to reach the hangers in the coat closet so I would have to hang up her sweaters for her.   

I put on my thinking cap and tried to think of a solution to help me with my problem.  The first and easiest thing was to teach my daughter to put to her jacket on the door knob of the coat closet door.  This worked, but was not ideal because I still had to put the sweater back in the closet.  After more thought, I found the perfect solution.  It’s the Command TM Adhesive Hooks by 3M®.  These adhesive hooks are different than any other on the market and are removable and reusable.  The Command TM adhesive allows the hook to be placed on a painted, wood, or wallpaper surfaces and then removed easily without damaging the wall surface.   

Finally, a great hook I could use on the back of my coat closet door!  I installed three hooks on the back of the door at a height my daughter could reach.  The good thing is that if I need to remove the hooks for any reason or adjust the height I can.   

 Command Hook Photo

The hooks come in a variety of sizes and you can get basic plastic or the more stylish brushed nickel finish like I got.   You can purchase these hooks at The Container Store, Target, and many home stores. 

My four year old hanging up her jacket on her own…now that’s the good life! 



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4 Responses to “Organizing Kids Jackets”

  1. The hooks is very practical,they are helpful for me.when you can hang your coatson the hook,your room will become more cleaner and tidyer.

  2. […] talked about the Command Hooks from 3M  in my previous blog posts Organizing Kids Jackets and Three Low Cost Organizing Solutions  so you know I think these hooks are fantastic.  If you […]

  3. Maud says:

    I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much esiaer!

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