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Add Space With Shelves

by Angela On October 1, 2008

Shelf Stacker 1 

Add Space With Shelves

Add a shelf stacker to help you utilize more space in the pantry, kitchen cabinets, or hallway closet.  This is one of my favorite items that I use over and over again.  They are great because you can use all the space in your cabinet or shelf without having to worry about knocking something off the top of the stack or having to move items in order to get something that is on the bottom of the stack.   

You can stack something on the top and then add a basket to the bottom to serve as a drawer for smaller items.   

Shelf stackers can be easily added to just about any shelf and come in a variety of sizes.  They are inexpensive and available at The Container Store and Target.   

You can see one example in the photo above of how we used one with a client so she could access cups and saucers when she needed them. 

More space for less money…now that’s the good life! 

Enjoy, Angela   

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