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Simplify With a Stop Doing List

by Angela On September 11, 2008

Check list  I was listening to a teleclass the other day on the topic of time management.  It was an excellent call and I wanted to share one big thing that really struck me.   

Time Management expert and former Franklin Covey Coach Bill Zipp, talked about having a hypothetical “Stop Doing List”.  He said that many people spend too much time doing too many low priority tasks.  What we should be doing is eliminating the low priority tasks all together and focus on the high priorities.  Bill also said that many people “confuse activity for accomplishment”, meaning that people feel like they are getting more accomplished simply because they are busy.   

I have talked to many clients who say that they feel a sense of accomplishment when they check something off their “to do” list.  I’ve said the same thing myself!  But, I think we need to translate that to our Stop Doing list.  We should feel a huge sense of accomplishment when we remove something from our to do list and not just when we check one more thing off our list.   

I know this is a difficult concept for many people to embrace.  I have been using a similar method for over a year now and I still find it difficult to decide what item is getting “kicked to the curb”.  But I do it each week and I have found that it makes me feel better because I can let go of any guilt associated with not completing a certain task.   

The week is almost over, it’s the perfect time to think about what is really important for this week and what you can banish from your list.  Just typing the words “banish from my list” makes me feel better already!   What is one thing you can strike from your to do list today?   

A smaller to do list, that’s the good life!


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