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Simplify Dinner Time with Meal Delivery

by Angela On September 3, 2008

Pie   Are you looking to save a little time in the kitchen and spend more time with your family?  If you are looking for ways to simplify dinner time on an occasional basis or on a weekly basis a nice alternative to cooking or going to a restaurant is to have your dinner delivered with chef prepared meal delivery services.  Options range from a predetermined meal to a personal chef who can create masterpieces to suit your taste.  Ooh la, la!  What a treat! 

How it works:  Many services have a set menu that is posted on their web-site weeks or months in advance.  Each service is different, but typically you will receive a predetermined amount of meals per week.  Check each service to find out the number of servings you will receive.  In many cases orders must be placed on a Friday and your meals will be delivered the following Monday.  For delivery you are asked to leave an ice chest with ice on your front porch and when you get home just like magic your food will be there.   

Despite how fancy this may sound the cost of such a service is more reasonable than you may think.  Prices in Austin can range from $70-90/week.  With the price of groceries these days, that’s a great deal!  Also consider the time it will save you from having to shop! 

Personal Chefs are different because they are creating meals specifically for you, shop for the needed groceries, and preparing the meals in your home.  The chef can leave meals in your refrigerator or in your freezer.   

Here are some links to highly recommended meal delivery services and personal chefs in Austin.  If you don’t live in Austin then you may want to consider doing a google search on “meal deliver services” for your area. 

ATE Foods:  512-300-4252,

Dine by Design Catering:  512-323-9002,

Toni Scott:  512.826.8816,    

Debra Cantrell:  512.879.7751,

Eating scrumptious food and more time with family and friends…that’s the good life! 



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