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Self Improvment Month

by Angela On September 9, 2008

Success Principles Book  Did you know that September is Self Improvement Month?  So what better time to make an investment in your self?  I am always looking for ways to do things better and one way that I am constantly trying to improve myself is by reading and learning from books.  Of course, most of the books I like to read are related to organizing (no surprise there!), business, time management, and self help.  One of my all time favorite books is The Success Principle’s by Jack Canfield.  It is an extremely long book, but very worth it.  If you are interested in self improvement it is a fantastic book filled with ideas and strategies you can begin to incorporate into your life.   

Some ways you can improve your life may include: getting organized, eating better, being a better listener, being more patient, being more present, being more courteous (yes, it’s also National Courtesy Month-who knew?), and having more fun!  And much more I’m sure.  

I know it can be difficult to take time to do something for ourselves, but now that it is Self Improvement Month, it’s your chance to do something for yourself guilt free!  Big or small, make a bold claim today to do something to improve yourself this month.   

Here’s what I’m planning on doing this month:  I will read one new book that I have been wanting to read, but have not been making the time for.   I’m so excited to finally give my self permission to do this! 

What will you do to improve yourself this month?  Choose one thing to focus on and put it on your calendar.  Take steps everyday to help you to reach your goal.  You have 21 days left to get it done.  Good luck! 

Enjoy your new and improved good life!


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