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Organizing Office Supplies Using the Back of the Door

by Angela On September 30, 2008

Organized Office Supplies

 Many of us have a love hate relationship with office supplies.  We love them and have to have them, but where do we put them?  Even if you have a home office you may not have much room to spare.   

One thing I have found to work well are clear over the door shoe organizers.  Shoe organizers are not just for shoes!  This fantastic tool is versatile, affordable, and easy to install.  The pockets hold just the right amount and can be used to hold things from highlighters, pens, note pads, batteries, staples, push pins, binder clips, cords, you name it!  I like using the clear organizers shown in the photos because you can see exactly what you have and if you need to buy more.  If this does not appeal to you there are also opaque organizers that are made of canvas or other fabrics.  If you decide to use a fabric organizer then be sure to label each pocket so you don’t forget where things are.   

 Organizing Office Supplies 2  

 You can get over the door shoe organizers at The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target. 

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