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Reduce Clutter and Enjoy Life

by Angela On August 22, 2008

Kay & Angela   I have a client named Kay who is truly an inspiration.  From the first moment we met I was impressed with her.  That’s Kay and me pictured above. 

Kay has an incredible spirit for life.  She enjoys traveling and having fun.  But what really struck me was Kay’s readiness to reduce and let go of the things she didn’t need any more.  Kay told me that she knew someday someone else was going to have to deal with all her stuff and she didn’t want to put that burden on them.   

I have talked to many people who have been in situations where they are dealing with a loved one’s belongings.  It can be overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing to a person.   

So why wait?  Why should we let someone else decide what is or was important to us?  You shouldn’t!  Be inspired by Kay and make a decision to start reducing your possessions now.   

Here’s a few of my tips for reducing some of your clutter:

  1. Only keep what is really important to you, let the little stuff go.
  2. Don’t keep anything that brings you down.  Your possessions should inspire you they should not bring negative feelings.
  3. Don’t keep anything that is broken; you can give it away, donate it, or get it repaired within 30 days.  If you don’t get the item repaired in 30 days it’s time to let it go.
  4. If you don’t use it let it go so someone else can.  There may be someone who could really use the item that you have and are not using.

 Remember your stuff is NOT the experience you had, or the person you knew, and typically it is easily replaceable.  Wouldn’t you love to live your life in your home with only the things that matter most to you?  So what can you do today to begin reducing your possessions?  Can you let go of 10 items?  How about one trash bag full of stuff?  Let us know what has helped you reduce your clutter.   

Enjoy the good life with less stuff!

Angela Ploetz  

Copyright (C) 2008 Angela Ploetz, POSH Space

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