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Last Lecture-What I Learned

by Angela On August 5, 2008

Have you had a chance to be inspired by the Last Lecture:  Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch?  If you are not one of the more than 5 million people who have viewed the Last Lecture on YouTube I hope I can inspire you to watch it.     

Randy delivered the traditional last lecture at Carnegie Mellon University in September 2007 after learning that his battle with cancer would soon be coming to an end.  In his lecture Randy talked about the life lessons he had learned and the importance of living your childhood dreams.  In fact Randy was passionate about inspiring others to live their dreams.   

Randy talked about how sometimes on the way to a dream we run into a brick wall.  He says “The brick walls are there for a reason.  The brick walls are not there to keep us out, the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.  The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.  They’re there to stop the other people.”   

How have your dreams and challenges impacted your life?  Have you run into some brick walls?  How did you handle them?  What can you do today to make some of these dreams possible?   

Take a few minutes to think about what your childhood dreams were.  I did and it was fun and enlightening.  I thought about things that had not crossed my mind for years.  I update my goals annually and after revisiting my childhood dreams I realized how relevant many of my childhood dreams were to what I do today and what I want today.  Isn’t that funny?  All those tests you take in school to determine what you should be when you grow up are really relevant.  Who knew?!  So for me this has sparked me to add some of my childhood dreams, which have not been accomplished, to my current day goals.   

Are your dreams still relevant?  Can they still be achieved?  Is it something that you want to achieve?  What is one action you can do today to help you reach your dream?  Are you are brave enough to post a comment with five of your childhood dreams?  The first person to post a comment with five of their childhood dreams will receive one of my “Favorite Products Guides” (a value of $24.95).  If you are the second or third person to post a comment I will send you a Levenger Recpeit Holder (a value of $3.20).  

I hope you take a look at Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture; it may be just what you need to achieve one of your childhood dreams.   

In case you want a good chuckle, here are a few of my childhood dreams:

  1. Become an Interior Designer (no surprise there)
  2. Have two children and a wonderful husband-Yea!
  3. To own a label maker (mission accomplished!).
  4. Become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (I was going to audition in 2002, but decided to race in a triathlon that took place at the same time as the auditions-sometimes we find new dreams)
  5. Become a New York City Rockette (do you see a theme here?).
  6. Own a Gucci purse (I know it’s superficial, but that goes way, way back).
  7. To surf in Hawaii
  8. To be the woman in the “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…Because I’m a WOMAN…” commercial.  I wanted to bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, wearing heels and look fabulous doing it. (Similar to I’m A Woman by Peggy Lee)
  9. I wanted to be the first woman to own a major league baseball team.  (I know that one is not possible now, but maybe I could be the first Hispanic woman to own a baseball team).
  10. To have a bear as a pet.  (not a teddy bear, a real live bear).
  11. To be a public speaker (Go me!  I’m still looking to expand this if anyone’s interested)
  12. To be an entrepreneur.  Although I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was or how to spell it for that matter, I was functioning as one at a very young age.

 Enjoy the good life,


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3 Responses to “Last Lecture-What I Learned”

  1. Laurenhala says:

    Hi Angela,
    I dreamed about becoming a NYC Rockette, too! (My dance teacher was one.)
    I also aspired to be Wonder Woman- needless to say that didn’t happen. ha!ha!
    Also, on the list:
    Fashion Designer (those Fashion Plates really made you feel as if you had talent)
    Police Officer (my first year in college I majored in Criminal Justice)
    and I wanted to go skydiving (may still happen)

    Enjoyed your post and learned a few things about you, too. :)

  2. I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys football player.

  3. Real Estate says:

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