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Safe Disposal-Prescription Drugs

by Angela On July 16, 2008

Prescription Bottles

I was recently working with a client sorting through her old medications.  Many of her prescriptions were expired and would need to be disposed of, and I recalled that there have been many reports  on the news stating that traces of prescription drugs have been found in the public drinking water supply.  There have also been reports regarding the rise of the abuse of prescription drugs among teens

With that news on my mind, I wondered “what is the safest way to dispose of expired prescription drugs”?  Coincidentally, I know someone who is in the medical waste disposal industry.  He told me the best way to dispose of expired prescription drugs is by removing the drugs from the original containers and placing them in a different container with old coffee grounds, kitty litter, or something that would discourage a person from finding and taking the drugs.  He also sent me a link to a Press Release from the Office of National Drug Control Policy regarding what to do with expired prescription drugs.  The Press Release also states that you should only flush prescription drugs down the toilet if the package specifically instructs that this is safe to do. 

 So as you are clearing out your medicine cabinet, keep in mind how you are disposing of your old medications.  You can still dispose of old or unused prescription drugs in a way that is safer for the environment and to your community.   Enjoy the good life,Angela  Copyright (C) 2008 Angela Ploetz, POSH Space

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