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Organizing Socks!

by Angela On July 9, 2008

Sock SorterSock Sorter

I had a client the other day who said “sorting through socks was almost as bad as sorting through paper”.  What she didn’t like was going through her drawer of socks and having to match up every sock to its mate.  You know the story.  You match up sock after sock and you end up with 10 extra socks that don’t have a match.  So then what do you do with all those socks that don’t have a match?  Certainly they will turn up.  So you stuff the socks in the drawer with the rest of them and then you don’t look at them again until next year when your sock drawer is overflowing.   

So what’s a sock lover to do?  First, do not put the stray socks with your matched pairs of socks.  This is huge.  If you mix the stray socks with your matched pairs it will be extremely difficult to differentiate between the pairs and the singles.  You need to have a dedicated place for the stray socks to go while you are waiting for the extra sock to show up.  This can be a separate container in your sock drawer or a container or bag in your closet.  The next time you go through the laundry and find a single sock you will know exactly where to look for a match.   

As many of you know I have two young daughters and with young children come lots of socks.  Socks that are too big, too small, in bad shape, missing a mate…ahhhh!  I was starting to feel like I was losing the battle against the socks!  As an organizer, I had a system, but it wasn’t working very well.  So it was back to the drawing board.   

For my youngest daughter (who is outgrowing socks every few months still) I set up this system:

Too Big, Too Small, Stray Socks, Trash  

Too Big:  Socks from my older daughter that are still in good shape that will move to a storage box once we collect enough.

Too Small:  Socks that are too small but still in good shape and will be donated to the children’s shelter.

Stray Socks:  Socks for my youngest daughter only, which are missing a mate.

Trash:  Socks we never found a mate for or are in bad shape. 

 Sock Sorter Up Close

The system I used can be found in the kitchen section of Ikea.  The total cost for my sock sanity: $5.95 (plus tax).   My system may or may not work for you, but I wanted to give you something to think about as you are deciding what to do with your sock situation. 

Knowing I will be able to find a pair of socks when I need them, now that’s the good life! 


Angela Ploetz  

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