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Seize the Opportunity

by Angela On June 3, 2008

Have you ever been hit by organizing inspiration?   It’s that fleeting moment when you realize “I need to get organized” and then you do one of two things.  You either get energized and roll with the inspiration or you say “I have too many other things to do today, I’ll get to it later”.  ARHHH!  You just lost it!  If you naturally have a difficult time getting organized and finding the time to do it then you need to seize the opportunity when ever it arises.  Even if you just start working on a project for 30 minutes, at least you have made a dent in your organizing project.   

Now this may go against some of the traditional time management techniques but if this helps you get the job done then you should defiantly seize the opportunity.   

So be on alert for one of those moments when you actually are inspired to get organized and see how much progress you can make.   

If you have a good tip that helped you get motivated, we would love to hear from you. 

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