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Clearing Out Baby Stuff

by Angela On June 13, 2008


Happy Birthday!  Yes, we have made it to the one year mark and my second daughter has turned ONE!  I can’t believe I have survived this year with two businesses, two children, two adults, a Doberman, and lots of out of town guests living under one very small roof!  Now that we have made it to the one year mark it’s time to do a little more clearing out of the baby stuff, sad but true.  

I know this can be a very difficult thing for many mothers to do and with my first daughter I struggled with it a little more.  At that time, I knew I was planning on having a second child so I stored most of the clothes (see previous post on storing baby clothes) my daughter out grew and donated the outfits that were the “my daughter wouldn’t be caught dead in this” outfits.  Ha, ha.  But this time, I know I am not planning on having another child, so it has actually been quite liberating to fill up bags full of stuff I am donating or giving to friends.  Here are some of the things that really helped me let go of the baby stuff. 

  1. Having a designated place to donate the baby stuff.  I have taken ALL the baby clothing, socks, bibs, pajamas, and blankets to the Williamson County Women’s and Children’s Shelter, Hope Alliance.  Knowing that the items are going to someone who truly needs them has really made it easy for me to let go of things. 
  2. Having a good friend who wants baby clothing for their baby.  I have a friend who had a baby girl eight months after me and she is very happy to get cute baby clothes.  When I have a cute outfit that I’m having a harder time letting go of I take it to her and ask her if she wants it.  If she doesn’t want anything then I just put it in my donate bag. 
  3. Craigslist.  This has helped us to get rid of some of the larger baby equipment like the swing, the play gym, and the Jumparoo.  I wanted to donate these items, but I think my husband just likes to post things on Craigslist to see how fast they will go.  It’s really amazing!

 Now that my daughter has turned one I have a new list of things I need to go through and let go of.  That is my assignment for this Summer.  My goal is to donate or pass on anything she doesn’t need any more by July 3rd.  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing.   

Do you have any tips for making it easier to let go of sentimental items?  I’d love to hear from you.  Post a message below.

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