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People Not Possessions

by Angela On April 4, 2008

I had a rare opportunity to catch a few minutes of The Oprah Show the other day and I think I must have caught the most relevant part of the show to what I do.  Oprah had guest Suze Orman on and they were answering people’s financial questions.   

The guest they were interviewing was a woman named Aimee who had been living a lavish life and in light of the Nations financial instability her family’s finances have suffered.  She had been buying anything and everything she wanted “WITHOUT even looking at the price tags” she told Oprah and Suze.  After much discussion with Oprah and Suze Aimee realized that her possessions had been ruling her happiness.  I believe Suze said “Your car is not an extension of you”.  “It’s transportation” said Oprah.  “I became my possessions” said Aimee.   

This was a turn around moment for Aimee.  When she realized that she already had everything she needed.  She had a home, family, food, and her husband still had a job.  But she realized that all the stuff she thought she needed really was not that important.   

Sometimes it’s hard to make these decisions and sometimes life throws a situation at you that forces you to make these decisions.  We are NOT our possessions.  This is an important thing to remember as we are trying to make decisions on reducing our possessions and clutter in our own home and lives.  I know it can be difficult to do, but the FREEDOM and joy you can experience from this can transform your life.   

I hope this inspires and moves you to take action in your own space.  Even if it’s just taking out a bag of stuff a day, just start the process. 

Enjoy the good life,


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