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Organizing Inspiration

by Angela On April 17, 2008

Angela & PeterAngela & Peter  Last week I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada.  It was a fantastic event!   The ever so dynamic Peter Walsh, seen regularly on The Oprah Show and TLC’s Clean Sweep, delivered a stellar Keynote speech that inspired and motivated the hundreds of attendees.   

So what did Peter talk about that was so earth shattering?  One thing he talked about that really struck me was about how as a Professional Organizer my job is to help my clients realize their relationship with their stuff AND that I need to help people reassess their material goods.  This being something I do already, I was thrilled that I was on the right track, but it is always reaffirming to hear this from someone with such influence and impact.   

If you have heard me speak or keep up with my newsletter or blog you know that talking about reducing clutter and letting go is one of my favorite subjects.  It is something I that I understand.  I know what it feels like to want to keep so much stuff, I understand how it feels to be suffocated by the stuff, and I also understand how it feels when the switch goes off and you realize you don’t have to keep so much stuff.  It’s an incredibly freeing and joyous feeling.   

Not only is my job to help people reduce the clutter and feel good about it but also to coach my clients on getting into the habit of only buying what they need and love.  This is such a pertinent topic right now with an uncertain economy and it being so close to Earth Day (April 22nd).  Most people are probably really making conscious choices right now about their purchases.  They are carefully considering where they spend their money and what they buy and bring into their homes.  This is a great habit to continue even after the economy recovers.  Think of how much money you would save if you never bought anything you didn’t need or want?  Think of how much less stuff you would have to manage in your home?  Of course, if everyone did this that would put me out of a job, and that would be fine by me.    

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