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Mom’s POV: Storing Baby Clothes

by Angela On April 25, 2008

Baby Outfit  It’s Spring time and the change in the temperature means that it’s time to transition from long sleeves to short.  This is even true with infant and children’s clothes.  For adult clothing we typically switch out the Winter wardrobe for Spring and Summer styles, but for children, who out grow clothing on a seasonal basis things are a little different.   

I saved most of the clothing from my first daughter just in case I had another girl and low and behold I did.  Since baby clothing is sized every 3 months and my daughters were born at different times of the year, the clothing doesn’t always correspond to the appropriate season.  I have a box of baby clothes for each stage, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and up.  So as my second daughter grows, I just go to the closet and pull down the appropriate box and start going through it.  I pull out all the outfits that are in season and put them in dresser drawers and anything that will not work gets transferred to a shopping bag to be donated.  I do have one small box of clothing that I am saving, but not many items go in there. 

 Now that I have emptied a box out, I use that box to add my older daughters out of season Winter clothing to.  I remove the label and add a new one.  Since the change is seasons is gradual and we still may need some long sleeved Spring clothing I keep this box on a lower shelf that I can reach and easily add more clothing to.   

This rotating system has worked really well for me.  If you only have one child and you want to save the clothing for your next child, like I did, let me give you a word of advice.  Purchase several boxes in advance and get them labeled now.  With my first daughter I didn’t always have the boxes at hand when I needed them and that resulted in “pile ups” until I could get a storage box.  This is a disaster!  You will quickly learn that children love to play with stacks of folded clothes that soon become piles of more work for you.   

Organizing is all about finding the right systems that work for you and support you.  My new system for dealing with my children’s clothing is working SOOOO much better than my first system did.  Oh yes, I love using the Deep Sweater Boxes from Container Store.  They fit perfectly on most shelves and are perfectly sized to hold just the right amount.

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