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Lose the Paper Weight

by Angela On March 13, 2008

Filing System   Did you know that one file drawer holds 36.73 lbs of paper?  That means an entire 4 drawer file cabinet holds 146.92 lbs. of paper!  When I used to work in an office we had seven full four drawer file cabinets in my secretary’s office.  That’s equivalent to half a ton!  Yikes!  No wonder many people feel like paper is weighing them down!  People often tell me that they feel a weight has been lifted after they have purged large amounts of paper.   

In most cases 80% of filed documents are never referenced again.  So that means most of the paper we are holding on to we will not ever need again!  What great inspiration to start eliminating some of the paper. 

Now’s a great time to clear out those filing cabinets and get your files in order.  As most of you know, I love the FreedomFiler paper filing system and you can take a look at it on my web-site, you can even see a video of me talking about it.  It’s hands down the best paper system to use in the home.  I even use it in my home and my husband says “it’s husband friendly”.   

Getting rid of piles of paper…what a relief!   

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