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Flying Lite-Not an Option

by Angela On March 6, 2008

Eagle Creek Luggage  I have had a lot of friends and family members traveling lately and one of them brought this to my attention.  As of February 4th, United Airlines  has instituted a new policy of allowing only 1 checked bag per person for standard domestic passengers.  You can check a second bag for a $25 fee.  Yet another reason to pack lightly while traveling.    

If you need help lightening your load and staying organized while you travel take a look at Eagle Creek products.   They offer a bevy of travel gear and accessories to make your trip a breeze.  They have created many products with lightness and durability in mind.  Beyond the fabulous products they also have a great section with travel tips.  

Before your next trip be sure to check with the airline to find out what the baggage limit is.  This could save you a $25 charge.  

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  1. eveyone always need some form of travel tips to prepare them on what to expect on their destination;:.

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