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Easter Non-baskets

by Angela On March 21, 2008

Easter is just a few days away so here is my favorite tip to help you make smart gift solutions that won’t be too taxing on you storage space. 

Give your child, teen, or college student an Easter non-basket.  What I mean by that is a container that is not you typical basket that can be used over and over again after the marshmallow bunnies and chocolates are long gone.  For a toddler, this might be an Easter bucket or pail filled with toy garden tools, outdoor toys, or bubbles.  For a child this may be a backpack filled with goodies.  I always include a variety of toys, candy, and non-sugar items like goldfish crackers in my children’s Easter baskets/containers.  For a teenage girl you can give her a purse or make-up organizer filled with fun things.  Finally, a great Easter basket for college student is to fill a laundry basket full of all the college essential foods, like Macaroni and Cheese, cans of soup, powdered drink mix, and of course cookies. 

Choosing containers that can be used over and over again after Easter will keep you from having to store a big pastel basket through out the year.   

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P.S.  Look for more tips from Angela Ploetz of POSH space on what to do with Easter décor after Easter in this Sunday’s edition of the Austin American Statesman.

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