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Do You Have An Organizing Support Network?

by Angela On February 4, 2008

Last Thursday I had a recurring theme of support through out my day.  One of the situations was a meeting I attended in which we were talking about how we benefit from the support of others.  Another situation was when I was working with a client who told me that her husband was in support of her efforts to get organized.  When I later thought about these situations I started to link the importance of communicating that we need the support of our network of friends and family.  

When you are trying to get organized and you are physically going through the process you may feel like the act of getting organized will keep you organized.  But if you don’t change your habits and let people know about your new desire to be free from the clutter you may be sabotaging yourself.  Time and time again, I talk to clients who are dealing with what I call clutter cast-offs.  That is; items that someone else has giving you because they do not have enough space for it in their house any more.   

You have to break the clutter cycle whether it is by not purchasing new items yourself or by telling family and friends that you absolutely do not want them to give you any items for the next year.  The point is that you have to get people on board with your efforts to get organized.  If you don’t they will continue to keep bringing you their clutter cast-offs or purchase new items for you that you simply don’t want or need.   

Are the people in your life supporting your efforts to get organized or not?  Do they realize how important organization is to you?  Let them know how having too much stuff makes you feel.  You don’t have to call them out on that garden Gnome they bought you last Christmas, but you do need to let your feelings be known.   

A Christmas without getting any items that need to be regifted; now that’s the good life!  

Enjoy the good life,


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