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Are Books Contributing To Your Clutter?

by Angela On February 15, 2008

Amazon KindleIf you are an avid reader here is a really neat (pun intended) product for you! has released the Kindle, which is a portable electronic device with instant access to thousands of books, blogs, newspapers, and magazines.  If you are a frequent traveler the Kindle will help you keep your carry on baggage to a minimum without having to loose the comforts of a juicy book, an indulgent magazine, the stock market, or your favorite blog.   

Weighing only 10.3 oz the Kindle is said to deliver book like readability.  Many New York Times Bestsellers are available for only $9.99 and are delivered to you Kindle electronically within minutes.  Now that’s service!  The price tag is a little steep at $399 but there is no monthly wireless bill or service plan. 

 I like the idea of this product because it can cut down on the book clutter in peoples’ homes and offices.  It also allows you to have all the books you want on a trip without having to lug around the books and magazines themselves.  This is a great “green” product because it is preventing you from purchasing the throw away items like magazines and newspapers while still getting all the content you want. 

Amazon, I think this is a fantastic product and if you wanted to gift me with one, I would graciously accept! 

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