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Old Shoes Make New Tracks

by Angela On January 7, 2008

Nike Shoe Is clearing out your closet on your list of New Year’s resolutions?  If it is you may run into the problem that you have some old athletic shoes that need to go.  If you have “run” your shoes into the ground and don’t think ANYONE would want to stick a toe in them, there is another option besides the trash.  Recycling!

Yes that’s right Nike has an outstanding program that collects used athletic shoes, grinds them up, and then makes different parts of sports surfaces around the world.  Check out Let Me Play to find out where you can drop off shoes in your community.  If you’re in the Austin area the Nike Outlet in San Marcos accepts shoes.

Clearing your clutter in an eco-friendly way, that’s gotta feel good!

Enjoy the good life,

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