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A Bag That Keeps Clutter Away

by Angela On January 23, 2008

Reusable Bags   “One less bag a day keeps clutter away”.  If you are like many households you are losing the battle of the bags!  From shopping bags to grocery bags they seem to multiply over night and are easily one of the most common causes of clutter.   

One way to dramatically reduce the number of bags coming into your home is by purchasing reusable shopping bags.  Whether you’re a tree hugger or not these bags are great for many reasons.  Using reusable bags versus plastic bags cuts down on the plastic bags in your home.  I know that may sound obvious, but I was shocked at the result in my own home.  It’s great!  I used to have a wad of plastic grocery bags that lived in our laundry room awaiting our next trip to the grocery store so we could recycle them.  Now, we typically can get all our groceries in 5-6 bags instead of 10-15 plastic bags and we don’t end up with more plastic bags cluttering our space.  These bags are also easier on the hands when you are carrying them, they are extremely sturdy, and can hold a ton.  Did I mention these bags can be used for more than just groceries?  We know one person who used them to move!   Once you have emptied your reusable shopping bags, don’t forget to take them back to the car for your next trip. 

The bags seen in the photo above can be purchased at Whole Foods Grocery Stores and H-E-B Grocery Stores for about $0.99.  The Container Store also has reusable bags available.  The reusable bag is the MUST have item for 2008!  If those are not good enough reasons, just think of all the bags you are preventing from entering the landfill.  There is definitely a “Green Movement” going on and what could be better than helping the environment and keeping the clutter down in your house. 

Enjoy the good life,

Angela Ploetz 

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